The aim of  The Italian Law Journal is to spread the study and to promote the criticism of Italian legal culture, fostering international academic debate among scholars of different traditions, particularly with regard to private law.
The journal focuses on themes of legal theory, European law, comparative and international law, in order to reconsider the constitutional identity of Italian law and its institutions. It aims to disseminate knowledge and enhance awareness of the Italian legal heritage throughout the international community.


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Programs and Topics

The upcoming issues of the journal will address the following topics:
Legal culture and methods, constitutional legality and judicial review, ascent and decline of the economic analysis of law, social justice and regulation, politics and democracy in legal theory.
Transnational law, fundamental rights and globalization, relations between constitutional, European and international courts.
Freedom of contract and contract theory, bioethical and biopolitical debates,  influence of Italian law on European, Euro-Mediterranean  and Latin American law.
Italian legal tradition and internationalization; contemporary history of law.

Structure and Organization

The journal is managed by the Editors-in-Chief with the collaboration of the Advisory Board (Referees’ Committee) and the Executive Editors (coordinated by the Associate Editors).
Articles are published in English and are peer-reviewable. The Italian Law Journal is a biannual online publication  which is sponsored by Società italiana degli Studiosi del diritto civile (SISDIC), by Società Italiana per la Ricerca nel Diritto Comparato (SIRD) and by Harvard Italian Law Association (HILA).


Italian Legal Culture: History and Project
(Symposia: a collection of essays about general themes – Tradition: every issue contains   a translation of a classical work of Italian legal culture)
(short articles focusing on specific topics)
Italian-European Lexicon
(articles about concept and linguistic structures of Italian-European legal theory, including the   analysis of legal translation problems)
Hard Cases
(comment on relevant judicial decisions)
Book Reviews
(reviews of books of interest for the dissemination of the Italian legal culture)
Malebolge: Thoughts & Polemics
(a forum for free and informal discussion - Malebolge is the eighth circle of Hell in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy)
Constitutional Court Watch
(a collection of brief presentations of main judgments delivered every year by the Italian Constitutional Court)
Corporate and Financial Markets Law
(contributions on business law issues focusing on company law and financial markets regulation, either on Italian/EU law or of particular relevance and interest for the Italian legal system)
Comments on New Italian Legislation
(comments on recent reforms that are of comparative and international interest)